Tuesday – Laura and Steve Take “The Walk of Woe”

Today is Laura and Steve’s travel back home day.  After a friendly visit with Anna and 20 month old Addison we had breakfast at JJ’s Texas Coast and picked up some last gifts. 

wow7.jpg wow.jpg wow2.jpg

Laura and Steve had their walk of woe pictures taken by Ruth at St John Spice to be posted on the Virgin Islands forum. Back at the villa, we packed up the jeep  and solemnly lowered our “Kicking and Screaming Tour” banner.

We caught the noon ferry to St Thomas and made a quick stop at Duffy’s Love Shack. We had time to stop and check out Charlie and Terry’s second week’s accomodation’s at the Hotel  Mafolie.  What views!

Laura and Steve made it to the airport by 2:30 and the tour ended. What a week!  What friends!

  wow3.jpg wow4.jpg wow5.jpg wow6.jpg

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